Unitonomy's focus is to support how people perform work and can live better lives through their work. We define our impact by the value we create and the lives we change.

The impact venture studio focused on people problems.


Unitonomy Inc. was started in 2019 by Charley Miller as a venture studio.

The premise was to innovate in the areas related to work culture. This innovation effort meant asking how to use cloud-based data and information systems to foster better collaboration, provide more efficient information processes, and measure the effectiveness of an organization’s culture.

Unitonomy invented and tested solutions to remove the dissonance between people and information.

We identified problems that included bridging how people captured data and information, organized and secured it, searched and discovered it, understood and communicated it, and ultimately leveraged it to better themselves and the world around them.


Unitonomy moves to become an impact venture studio.

From the beginning, Unitonomy has committed to outcomes and impact. From the people in need that Unitonomy employs across the portfolio to the reach our solutions touch, Unitonomy has significantly impacted many lives. It’s time to own that. It’s time to build on the momentum and expertise we’ve accrued.

Now we are becoming the first B Corp venture studio, supporting the success and slow growth of OrgVitals, fostering new development partnerships, and evolving IP toward a project called Joy Browser that will employ at least two refugees.


The goal here is to merge value with values.

Charley’s experience at bMuse venture studio taught the operational benefits of the studio model: shared, unified resources to swiftly generate and test novel technologies.

Touchcast and Kinsa grew out of bMuse, which proved a model of developing unified resources to create IP and either licensing the technology (mainly used in games for Hasbro and technology for Intel) or using it to incubate projects. Then, if and when the project is ready to emerge as an autonomous startup, bMuse would recruit leadership.

Leveraging this same studio approach, Unitonomy pairs the idea of generating a return on investment in IP creation with the need to scale impact.


Get your team the guidance and training to spur and shape bold ideas that unlock your company’s growth into new markets.

We collaborate with leaders and founders to solve some problems and teach the methods of using Psychological Distance to unleash their organization’s innovation potential.

App and Software Development

Product Spec Creation

Culture Consulting

Innovation Consulting

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Regular really helped bring our brand to life. Their work is anything but regular.

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Charley Miller
Charley Miller
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