The work we're about is about the future of work.

Process Overview

It's time to get strategic about work culture and how we perform work together.

The studio searches for problems related to the transfer of information and data that make collaboration inefficient.

We hunt for opportunities where technical changes or market conditions make a solution recently possible.

We aim to solve better ways for people to perform work and live better lives through their work.

We love strategic partners and are willing to develop and consult for others where there's fit.

Mapping Culture Management

We developed the radial spectrum that we call Culture Management. This map shows where members of an organization can invest in how they perform work together.

Process Specifics

Impact through actions and results.

We validate an idea through customer discovery. Then Unitonomy employs refugees and underserved populations to build prototypes. When the beta technology proves remarkable with early adopters, Unitonomy spins out a startup and recruits the level of talent and investment needed to nurture the opportunity separately.

Unitonomy leverages unified resources to create IP and either licensing the technology or use the IP to incubate projects. Then, if and when the project is ready to emerge as an autonomous startup, we recruit leadership.

Unitonomy pairs the idea of generating a return on investment in IP creation with the need to scale impact.

Recent work


OrgVitals enables people leaders to go beyond lip service and increase capacity with data analysis, employee experience planning, and capacity-building support. We meet transformative leaders where they are with data-driven guidance.


Joy Browser

Worry is the thief of joy. Joy makes securing information effortless and finding stuff painless.



Turn the habit of emailing yourself into your superpower with GLVVV.