You need to innovate.
We are here to help.


Get your team the guidance and training to spur and shape bold ideas that unlock your company’s growth into new markets.

We collaborate with leaders and founders to solve some problems and teach our methods to unleash their organization’s innovation potential.

Sometimes teaching isn't enough. We offer hands-on consulting, product management, and software development for those in need.

App and Software Development

Product Spec Creation

Culture Consulting

Innovation Consulting

Our approach

Think of Unitonomy as an innovation sherpa: we carry some innovation weight up the mountain and, more importantly, lead your team and ideas to the top.


Listening and understanding is always half of the battle. This means listening to everyone, from the leaders, to the staff, and to the customers to truly empathize with the problems that need solving and find the opportunities for innovation.


Unitonomy makes startups and our biggest advantage is speed. Most companies are dying slow, boring deaths because they suffer from complacency or from analysis-paralysis thanks to working with big consulting firms. We bring nimble ways of operating to cut through the B.S. and induce a sense of urgency.


At the end of the day, we're all problem solvers. Whether there's a culture that needs cultivating, or a customer need that needs addressing, or simply a technical challenge that needs a creative solution -- Unitonomy has the people and processes to spur great ideas with your teams.


Our process is designed to move quickly, often using no code systems and interactive design tools to gather quick feedback. This process enables iterative work and saves a lot of time and money by avoiding building bloated applications that take way too much time and money.

Our process

We're probably the only full stack software service that starts with culture.

Operational Analysis

If you hire us for innovation or software development (and you're bigger than a startup), we'll start a culture analysis. This includes understanding your operation, your people, your process, your systems, your brand, and of course your customers. This process enables us to pinpoint where process blockages are stifling innovation.


Next we go deeper to understand the problems that need solving. This means listening and developing empathy. We also include design thinking sessions to unlock ideas. This process enables us to begin opportunity ideation.


Many times leaders think they know what they need to develop. We'll challenge that. We are here to not only develop software, but to develop the blueprints to architect a clear path to validate and productize ideas that unlock new markets for their business. Then we can lead software development to get an idea to beta testing.


Gathering feedback isn't difficult -- it's distilling that feedback into a product roadmap that gets tricky. Leverage our experience on how to navigate product plans with our iterative approach.